Smoked salmon pasta

Serves 1p.


  • Pasta of your own choice
  • +/- 100 gr of smoked salmon
  • 1 onion
  • 2 big carrots
  • 1/2 leak
  • 1 can of tomato cubes
  • a few cherry tomatoes
  • Spices: fresh dill, pepper


  1. Boil the pasta.
  2. Finely chopp the onion, the leak and the carrots.
  3. Put a pot on medium heat and add some olive oil. Fry the onion until is glassy.
  4. Add the carrots and leak.
  5. When the carrots and leak are soft, add the can of tomato cubes and season with pepper and fresh dill.
  6. Finely slice the smoked salmon and cut the cherry tomatoes into 4 pieces.
  7. Take the pot sauce of the heat. Then add the cherry tomatoes and the slice of smoked salmon.
  8. Serve the pasta with the sauce and finish off with some fresh dill on top.

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