Pastry with goasts cheese and serrano

For the pastry
– Puff pastry dough
– Serrano ham
– Goats cheese
– Figs
For the dressing
– Honey
– Lime juice
– Balsamic vinegar
– Sunflower oil

– Cut the puff pastry dough into squares of 10 by 10 cm.
– Lay on a slice of serrano ham. Make sure you don’t cover the whole top. Don’t cover up the sides.
– Spread some goats cheese over the serrano ham. Again leave some space on the sides so it doesn’t drip off.
– Finish with a few slices of fig on top.
– Put the pastries in the oven following the guidelines of the puff pastry (depends on which brand you use).
– Put all the ingredients for the dressing together. The amount depends on your personal flavour.
– Once the pastries come out of the oven, pour over just a bit of the dressing and serve immediatly. These pastries are best when they are still warm.


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