Nordic salad à la Nathalie

Serves 1p.

– Salad (of choice)
– Fresh chives
– Cherry tomatoes
– 1 egg
– 170 gr smoked salmon
– Cream cheese (light)
– (optional) sunflower oil

1. Bowl 1 egg for about 8 minutes. If it’s still a tiny bit runny, it’s perfect.
2. Take a few slices of smoked salmon. Spread some cream cheese over half of the slice. Season with some salt & pepper and some freshly chopped chives. Roll up the slices and cut them into small rolls.
3. Put the salad, cherry tomatoes (cut in 4 of in half) and the salmon rolls in the serving plate. Cut the egg in 4 and put them on top of the salad.
4. You can put some more freshly chopped chives on top.
5. If this is to dry for you, you can also add a bit of sunflower oil.


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